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5 - 18 MARCH 2019


Your Bible Land Experience of a Lifetime



Invest in your Spiritual Growth

      ancient stones | living stones tour

                                          5-18 MARCH 2019

Dear Friend

We invite you to walk on the Ancient Stones of Israel, to Experience the land and places of the Bible with us. Your tour plan literally covers “Dan to Beersheba”, North to South, mountains and valleys, seas and rivers, the wilderness and deserts, oases and gardens, ruins and buildings. You will overnight in Eilat, at Massada, on a kibbutz in the Galilee, in Netanya on the Mediterreanean Sea and you will spend nearly a week in Jerusalem with accommodation in the Old City.

Not only will you walk on the Ancient Stones, but as a very special addition to this tour you will also engage with the Living Stones – the Israeli believers (Jewish and Arab) in Christ. We will hear their testimonies and their stories; we will hear about their daily lives, struggles and needs. And then we will worship and pray together- Jew and Gentile in one Body!

Going to Israel is not a vacation, nor a luxury, but an investment that will pay spiritual dividends for the rest of your life. You will never read the Bible the same way again! You will hear informative and relevant Bible teaching by ourselves and by our Messianic Jewish Tour Guide at sites where Bible events happened and will happen in the future. With an open Bible you will explore the land of the Patriarchs, of Moses, of David and of Jesus and his disciples.

You will taste and experience the beauty of Israel in Spring. You will see the Word of God in living colour.


Would you pray about going with us on a trip that is truly a spiritual life changer, a faith builder, a tour in which you will be enriched spirit, soul and body as you walk the Ancient Stones and engage with the Living Stones. Together we will make this ANCIENT STONES | LIVING STONES trip a tour of a lifetime. Looking forward to being with you in the Land of the Bible

Daan & Gaby Botha

As we have heard, so have we seen in the city of the LORD of hosts, in the city of our God, which God will establish forever. Ps 48:8

O Mountains of Israel, Hear the Word of the Lord

Mountains of IsraelCollage

The theme of the tour is God’s message to Ezekiel: “O mountains of Israel, Hear the word of the Lord.” Your tour plan will therefor include many of the mountains of Israel. From day one you will daily be standing on one or more of the mountains that you read about in God’s Word: In the wilderness of Judea, the mount of Temptation, Mount Gilboa where Saul and Jonathan died, The Mount of Transfiguration, Mount Carmel, the Mount of Beatitudes, the Golan Heights, In Jerusalem – Mount Scopus, Mount of Olives, Mount Zion, Calvary and many more.



God did an amazing work in me on our tour! Some days it is difficult to go on with the normal- every –day – life …it is as if Israel keep showing up! A special thanks to Gaby and Daan for the amazing tour and divine appointments in Israel. Thanks to every tour member, you made it special!

Sarie S

Director, Isivuno Training

The teachings by the leaders and guide were to the point and very informative. All shared from the heart not just information. This truly made the tour personal and life changing.    Precious times. Wow not a day goes by without reflection.

Andrew & Ingrid G

Pastors, Harvest

The tour was excellent. Every time we stopped the study and  teaching was a highlight!! I can’t wait to go through the “notes” again and to delve deeper for myself. The highlight was Megiddo overlooking the Jezreel Valley. Excellent leaders.

Thank you for your personal attention, caring, servant-leadership and the excellent organisation!!! It was an amazing experience with amazing people. We are so glad to have been a part of the group. We saw God’s hand in everything: how He put everything together and how everything worked out. We keep on thinking and experiencing the places, the people, the events of the tour – an experience we will never forget! Fantastic!!

We definitively want to go on any tour you organise. It was wonderful, feeling like family, having the same DNA, making it really special. It was not only a historical tour, but a spiritual experience in which we grew so much!

Pieter & Helena DK

Farmer, Daggaboer

An Unbelievable, Amazing Experience! Thank you for the opportunity to go with you. I’m so grateful that I could experience it. The teachings were super special. To be at the place and to be reminded how it was in Bible times, and how it is applicable for today… I really appreciated and enjoyed every moment.

Liza T

Owner, Kokskraal Handcrafts

Awesome. You did us proud Gaby and Pastor Daan. Highly recommended.  We were given excellent resources to help prepare for the trip. I will certainly use my manual together with the daily teachings as continuous Bible study.

Nadia D

Financial Advisor, Gravitas Group

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